Fall and winter are some of the trickiest times to identify plants. Many perennials have tucked themselves away into the Earth already; preparing for the cold, and many annuals have faded away as well. However, it is essential to know a plant in all its many forms; to connect with the importance of wildcrafting and processing a plant in it’s prime state (for energetic and survival purposes); and to know the wild cycle of plant life that surrounds you in each season. To name a few, Catnip, Motherwort, and Pokeweed have re-emerged to give us one last green greeting for the year. We will identify an abundance (yes, even this time of year!) of healing plants and briefly discuss their medicinal+edible uses. Children always welcome. This hike will be casual and non-strenuous.

Cost: $7/person or love offering/no charge for kiddos.

Time: Sunday, October 9 · 1:00pm – 2:30pm

Location: The Sub Rosa Sanctuary and surrounding area. 16544 46th Street, McLouth, Kansas, 66054. Click here for map.