Maximize nutrient absorption while minimizing and eliminating nutrient depletion. Walking through the simple steps for soaking (in a water mixture with whey, yogurt, or lemon juice) & sprouting will empower you to confidentily carry on this healing tradition in the comfort of your own home.
Learn the essentials for soaking & sprouting grains such as BEANS, QUINOA, CORNMEAL, OATS, RICE, NUTS & MORE! Choosing to NOT soak your grains can cause a slew of nutrient-deficient illnesses now & down the road. Demo class will go through a variety of techniques & includes an in-depth handout covering soaking/sprouting details, nutrient facts & several delicious soaked+sprouted grain recipes.

COST: $30/person

Saturday Feb 18th in Lawrence, KS
Saturday Feb 25th in KCMO
Please write ASAP for details & to register!