As my experience & family practice as an herbalist grows & expands, I discover new opportunities to reach the needs of the communities that I serve.  Several days ago I sent out a list of workshop offerings for 2012.  Many of you want to attend multiple workshops but are restricted financially.  This causes concern for me as an herbalist.  I believe deep in herbal education; one of my main goals as an herbalist is to empower others to take their health into their own hands via informative, hands-on workshops, so that the ancient art of herbalism may be carried on in your own homes and gardens.
This year I am offering several different options to make all workshops more financially accessible.  
A) When you enroll (and pay in advance-each workshop costs $40) for 3 workshops, you will receive your 4th workshop FREE.  
B) I have developed a structured work-trade opportunity available for workshops on our farm in Lawrence.  Saturday workshops in Lawrence will go from 10-2, with a potluck-style lunch break in the middle.  2 of these hours will be spent in the traditional workshop format, while the remaining 2 hours will be spent assisting me with herb-related tasks such as starting medicinal seeds, transplanting, weeding, harvesting, processing, drying, medicine-making and more of all things herby.  This plan allows you to develop a more in-depth, intimate relationship with the healing plants. Your cost for this format will be reduced to $20/class.
C) If your budget requires a full work trade, you will work four hours total for every 2-hr workshop attended.  Work-exchange opportunities (such as marketing, networking, promoting of future workshops, etc) beyond farm help are available.  Your trade work hours must be completed before attending desired workshop(s).

If you live in the KC area and are interested in work-trade opportunities but are unable to attend Lawrence workshops, arrangements will be made for you to work out your full or partial trade in other agreed upon ways.  Your trade work hours must be completed before attending desired workshop(s).

If you want to attend Lawrence-based workshops and are not interested in doing work trade, you may come for just the workshop and pay the full $40 class fee.
While options B & C do NOT require you to pay in advance or to enroll in multiple workshops, doing so will earn you herbal goodies on the side ; )
Please feel free to contact me with any questions, for further information, or for clarity regarding the above opportunities.
Be Well!