In folkloric Europe, dried roses and rose bushes used to hang above the family dining table.  Picture a sturdy, wood harvest table in an Earthen home, with sunlight streaming through the pure glass windows, illuminating particles of steam from the tea pot, dust from the dirt floor, and smoke from the hearth.  It is woodsy and ancient.

Sub Rosa literally means, “under the rose.”  And when a guest came, we gathered round the harvest table, huddling together beneath the rose, to share our stories in confidence.  What was told beneath the rose stayed beneath the rose.  At Sub Rosa Sanctuary, we value your health struggles & hold them near & dear to our hearts.

Amy has been serving the community at large, offering herb-based information since 2005.  Through several personal health & emotional hardships in life, she has been gifted the ability to naturally work as a medical intuitive, allowing her to combine the clarity she receives through  the plant spirits and her background in herbal education and research.  Her approach is deep and well-rounded & embraces a host of natural health modes.  Amy believes first and foremost in food as medicine, and encourages clients to start with that outlook on health and well-being.

The initial meeting lasts about 2 hours, and goes through a thurough intake form covering physiological, emotional, and spiritual well’being.  There is a unique flow that develops in each session.  Amy knows the importance of  having your unique struggles be heard and taken to heart.  She does not apply “band-aid” herbs or use a blanket remedy for individuals.  Individuals are asked to return for a follow up session about 1 week following the initial meeting.  During this time, you will be given a form covering herbal, dietary, and emotional well-being findings and suggestions.

Chronic conditions many times have emotional/spiritual/mental roots.  When we have buried, denied, or unknowingly protected ourselves from traumatic, harmful or hurtful experiences and have not processed them in a holistic way, those buried treasures can manifest in our bodies as a calling out for attention and healing for these lost spaces.  The first step is to get the body strong and stable enough to feel prepared for dealing with the more energy intense recovery of our emotional/spiritual selves.  Herbs and nutrition can very often give our physical bodies that initial jumpstart.  The circle does not complete if the underlying issues continue to be denied.

To make an appointment or for more information, please feel free to contact us at  Phone appointments are available for those interested outside of the area we serve.